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Main Street Pinedale is excited to host the

2024 High Altitude Farmers Market!


REGISTRATION IS OPEN and we are excited to welcome back Artisans, Produce, Prepared Food, and Musicians


LOCATION AND TIME: Sublette County Library Lovatt Room| 2:00 pm to 6 pm| set up time will be at 1:30 pm  


Vendor Fee: $10 per week | Vendor is responsible for their set-up. I.E. Tables, Awnings, etc. 

PAYMENT:  Payment must be made PRIOR to booth set up. Paypal, Venmo, Cash or check are all available. 

The Code of Conduct must be signed and turned in before becoming a Vendor. Please see below or click here:

Venmo and PayPal:

Search for @MainStreetPinedale 

Please add your vendor name so we can attach payment to the correct account. 


April 26th 2pm-6pm Friday

May 3rd 2pm-6pm Friday

May 24th 2pm-6pm Friday

May 31st 2pm-6pm Friday 

All Scheduled in the Lovatt room


April 12th 2pm-6pm Friday April 19th 2pm-6pm Friday April 26th 2pm-6pm Friday May 3rd 2-6pm Friday May 24th 2-6pm Friday May 31st 2-6pm Friday

Looking for additional information in running your booth?

The Pinedale High Altitude Market is now a member of 
Grown In Wyoming!

Pinedale High Altitude Market/Main Street Pinedale reserves the right to choose which vendors will participate in the Market on a weekly basis.


High Altitude Market
Code of Conduct

High Altitude Farmers Market 

Code of Conduct



Welcome to Main Street Pinedale's signature event, The High Altitude Farmers Market, a cornerstone of our community-building efforts. As a proud initiative of Main Street Pinedale, our approach to economic development is centered around creating an appealing and convenient business corridor that enhances the local economy and elevates the quality of life for our residents. The farmers market, organized by Main Street Pinedale, serves as a dynamic platform where local vendors and artisans converge, contributing to the vibrancy of our downtown. Rooted in our mission to cultivate civic pride and foster a lively atmosphere, we believe in building connections among businesses, organizations, and community members. 


The Code of Conduct outlined here underscores our commitment to kindness, quality, accessibility, responsibility, respect, and safeguarding. It serves as a shared guide for vendors, ensuring that our farmers market remains a welcoming space that reflects the values and aspirations of Main Street Pinedale and the greater community we proudly serve.

Code of Conduct for Farmers Market Vendors

1. Be neighborly and respectful towards all:

Act with courtesy, respect, and friendliness towards fellow vendors, volunteers, customers, and organizers, expecting to be treated in the same manner.

2. Maintain a positive atmosphere:

Take great care not to offend or make statements that could cause offense or personal hurt, contributing to a harmonious and inclusive market environment.

3. Resolve issues professionally:

Handle any grievances or complaints in a professional manner, directing concerns to Main Street Pinedale’s Director and it’s board for resolution, ensuring a fair and constructive process for conflict resolution.

4.  Kindness:

Uphold the spirit of kindness by fostering a supportive and friendly environment among vendors, volunteers, customers, and organizers, contributing to the communal well-being of the farmers market.

5. Quality:

Strive for excellence in providing locally-sourced, high-quality products, ensuring that our offerings contribute to the overall quality and reputation of the market.

6. Accessibility:

Make efforts to keep products and interactions accessible to all customers, accommodating diverse needs and preferences to the best of our ability.

7. Responsibility:

Carry out our vendor duties responsibly, ensuring the safety and competence of our practices, and contributing to the overall well-being of the market community.

8. Respect:

Treat fellow vendors, volunteers, customers, and organizers with respect, recognizing and appreciating the diversity of individuals without any bias.

9. Safeguard:

Contribute to a safe and secure market environment by actively participating in practices that protect and keep individuals from harm or neglect, fostering a sense of security for all market participants.

10. Have Fun:

Embrace the joyous spirit of the farmers market by infusing a sense of fun into your interactions and displays. Celebrate the community, share laughter, and create an enjoyable atmosphere that adds to the overall positive experience for vendors and customers alike.

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