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Snow Sculptures

Main Street Pinedale’s 3rd Annual Winter Carnival Snow Sculpture Contest is happening this year – and we’d like you to join in on all the fun! There are only 8 snow blocks available this year, so get your team together and sign-up fast! Each team will be designated a 4’ x 4’ x 8’ block of snow to sculpt. The winning sculpture will be determined by the public in a Facebook poll, and announced at the Skijoring Event on Saturday. The winning team will receive $500 in cash!

Download your Application Packet below


The rules are simple:
1. Only hand/carving tools can be used – nothing with a motor. Examples include: garden shovels, small
pointed shovels, trowels, saws, flat ice scrapers, buckets of water, picks, racks, and any other tool that you
can think of that may be good for carving.
2. Food coloring is allowed and can be applied easily with paint brushes or spray bottles.
3. No armatures, sticks, fabric or any other materials are allowed on the snow sculptures.
4. Sculpting can take place anytime between Wednesday the 9th and 5 pm on Friday the 11th , at which time voting will begin and all sculptures must be complete.

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